Film festival management

Fiona offers all you need to manage and organize a film festival. Our tools let you work more efficiently and at lower costs. From researching entries to programming films and publication of your festival schedule.
We know every festival is different. So you can change Fiona with modules for specific tasks and applications.
Film research and selection
Manage your entries and select only the best
Contact management
Up-to-date and communicate
Project tracking
Follow developing projects and films through the years
Easy drag & drop planner
Film and event planning
Event production
Create call sheets and manage production
Worklists and overviews
Up-to-date lists and overviews to be shared
Open up your festival data for other systems and applications
Powerful reporting
Make flexible reports of almost anything
From singular to mass mailing of personalized e-mails
Bulk actions
Save time with repetitive tasks
One-click publication
Publish your festival program to website, app and ticketing
Conflict management
Discover planning conflicts in an early stage
Secure hosting
Keeping Fiona fast and your data safe

Customize your software for a perfect fit

You can customize Fiona to your festival needs. And you can do that yourself on many levels. Customize for example the columns in your overviews. But also lookup lists, status lists, custom data fields, report and mailing templates.
And many more.

Manage your own online forms

Fiona can add forms to your festival website. Fiona forms will transfer all information straight into Fiona. This way you streamline your online interaction with your audience. Like online entry, guest accreditation or application of volunteers.
Fiona forms will save time and give your users more flexibility.

Guest service

Is your film festival inviting 250 to 1000+ guests each year? Then you will love our Guest service module.
Manage your accreditation, guest selection and Q&A's quickly and easy.
Keep your guests informed and up-to-date with flexible publication.

Film market

Loving our Guest service module? Chances are you will love this one as well. As an add-on to the Guest service module, it lets you schedule and publish 1000+ appointments based on meeting requests of projects and participants. All with one click.

DCP film management

Having 200+ DCP screenings? This module should be a must for your film festival. Save time and money by fully automating your DCP screening copy logistics and projection process.

Volunteers management

Apply your working bees to their full potential. Invite, select and plan better and smarter, getting that extra performance from your 300+ volunteers while keeping them happy as well.

Fiona Festival Applications

festival app

Serve your audience the best festival experience with this perfect companion to your programme.
It is lightning fast, shows the full programme.
For your professional guests the app offers an integrated agenda.

ticket syncer

Are your struggling to keep your screenings in sync with your ticketing provider? This module takes care of just that, fully automatic.
Always up-to-date, no more manual mistakes.