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26 July - Fiona

Introducing Fiona

Festival organization can be a hectic and frustrating business. Every year the festival gets there somehow, however, wouldn't it be nice to get there with less 'excel sheet-management'? More time to spend on the important and fun stuff? We thought the same thing...

Fiona holding camera in anonymous pose.

Proudly introducing: Fiona Festival!

Fiona is your digital festival assistant. Made for festivals that want to get in control - right away. Fiona covers all the steps you need to organize a film festival, with more effect and lower costs. From film research, up to the actual programming and publication of your festival data.

'Fiona is very user-friendly and is designed to get you up and running immediately'

We know adopting complicated software programs can be time and resource consuming. That is not something you want to focus on. That is why we offer a product that can be used directly, without compromising your needs to create a festival.

Fiona's features

All the features Fiona has to offer have been designed and optimized from a film festival perspective. You can organize all your online entries, research them with your team and start selecting films. And continue all the way to organizing all your films and scheduling screenings and events.

All features were created together with experienced and international film festivals International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), and Netherlands Film Festival (NFF).

'Made for film festivals, with film festivals'

Team collaboration

Fiona helps your team to work together. Working from one central data source ensures that everybody works with up-to-date data. Fiona offers ready-to-use work lists and status overviews, allowing team members to track its progress and making it visible for everyone in one trusted place. You can also track the overall performance with ready-to-use reports. That will help you and your team make informed decisions at any time needed.

'Fiona is Cloud-based, making Fiona accessible for anyone, anywhere at anytime.'

Safety and service

Safety and security of your data are of great importance to Fiona. All users will receive secure hosting, provided by our trusted partners only. Also, Fiona is always there for you to help. The in-app support system and email support is included in your subscription, so we can support you in any way possible!

'A long-term solutions for all your collected data.'

All film and contact information that you and your team collect over the years will be stored in Fiona. We see it as a long-term data source for your organization. With every festival you organize, there is always one secure place for all your information.

Fiona for bigger Festivals

Fiona holds all the features a festival needs, but we understand that some situations ask for a different or bigger approach. We offer Fiona Solid for festivals with a guest department and the need for customizing certain features. For large scale and high demanding festivals, who also operate internationally, we offer Fiona Enterprise with all integrations and support needed to organize a full-scale festival.

'And we named her Fiona'

Fiona screendump of a list with a film detail

We hoped you enjoyed meeting Fiona, I am sure she did.
You can find out more about Fiona's products on our productsheet or contact us directly for more information.

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