Film festival management features

Fiona is very user-friendly and is designed to get you up and running immediately. Our software covers all the steps you need to organize a film festival, with more effect and lower costs. From film research, up to the actual programming and publication of your festival data.

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Streamline your selection procedure

Add film submissions and entries in Fiona either by hand or through our import function. Divide the work among your team, and conquer the mountain of submission! Easily view each film’s title or director history by browsing them in your festival’s Fiona directory.
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Import films and entries from IMDB and other platforms

Import your film information and entries with the push of a button, and update them through platforms of your choice.
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Add attachments and preview online

Further enhance film entries beyond text description, by adding online video links, uploading files from your computer, or linking to your cloud folders.
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Review and score entries

Separate the work with your team, review film entry previews, write your personal review and recommendation, and keep up with your team, all in Fiona.
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Update your selection info

With fully customisable overviews, create up-to-date lists of all films for this festival’s edition. Divide the workload by assigning films to programmers or handlers. Directly see which films have made it to the short list and select those films you want to have in this year’s programme.
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Enrich the film information

Stop switching between excel sheets and folders, and add full production data, credits listings, and even financial information to your films in Fiona.
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Structure information from the start

Link your films, contacts and companies, and begin structuring your festival program by assigning films to program sections. Say goodbye to messy data.
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Communicate at the push of a button

Our mass mailing feature will enable you to speed up your email communications through our templates while keeping an eye on the delivery status of individual emails.
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Visual scheduling

Set the dates and venues for your festival and start programming immediately with the drag and drop film planner. Visualise your schedule to better observe double bookings and the availability of time for production events.
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Simply drag films on the schedule

Drag and drop films into your schedule to plan around their time, and visually see how your programme flows, without any double bookings.
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Book events and combined screenings

Add productional items to the schedule, and decide which bookings are available to your festival’s audience and which to keep internal.
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Categorise your screenings

Assign film screenings to audience types and divide your programme into public, press & industry and educational screenings for easier management.
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Publish your programme

Get your publication content complete by adding catalogue texts in multiple languages directly to your films, combined programmes, events and screenings. Use our ready-to-use overviews and with status lists to see how far along you are in the creation and editing of your publication materials.
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Add all kinds of publication materials

Get ready for publication by adding hi-res stills, documents, website URLs and online video URLs directly to your films and film makers.
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Track the status of text productions

Divide the production of text for your publication among your team, and track their completion stages to have a better grasp on your progress.
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Real time publishing via API

Use the Fiona Publication API to publish and update your complete festival content in real time to your website, ticketing provider or festival app.
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Fiona loves screening films

Fiona knows the complexities of handling both digital and non-digital film files and supports you all the way from entering DCP screening copies to keeping track of the distribution film reels to your projection rooms.
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Insightful film logistics

Keep track of ‘away and return’ logistics of all screening material. Create overviews to check the distribution of material during the festival.
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All media supported

Fiona has functionality that supports logistics tracking of digital formats and carriers (like DCP) and non-digital formats like film and video.
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Prevent mistakes using conflict monitoring

Fiona keeps an eye on missing screening copies and other possible issues that may cause screening problems, and notifies you immediately.
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Invite guests to your festival

Create guest lists in Fiona and invite film makers, sponsors, board members and other guests to your festival. Keep track of the invitation process by using our ready-to-use status lists. Import your own accreditations and publish your industry manual via the integrated Fiona Publication API.
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Invite guests of all kinds

Send out invitations to your guests through our mailing feature, and keep a track of each individual email response.
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Schedule guest meetings automatically

Use the automatic one-on-one planner to schedule hundreds of guests’ industry and public appointments in your planner within minutes!
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Publish appointments online

On top of publishing you programme, Fiona allows you to easily publish appointments online to your site, either publicly or privately to selected users.
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Made for festivals, created with festivals

Fiona is the smartest and most complete online assistant for organizing your film festival. From selecting films and inviting guests, to programming your films and events and publishing on any communication platform you want. Fiona helps you every step of the way to:
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