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Fiona Talks @ IFFR: Boost

This year at IFFR we are hosting Fiona Talks: Boost, a free knowledge event about film festival organising. During a 45 minute round table conversation with film festivals we will be talking about boosting festival organising through smart IT.

Join our free Fiona Talks on Tuesday 30 January from 13:30 - 14:30 by clicking this button.

About Fiona Talks: Boost
The goal of this talk is to give film festivals hands-on tips on how to improve festival organising through IT.
Attending festivals can discuss challenges with specialists from Fiona Festival who will talk about their experiences with developing IT solutions for both IDFA and IFFR.

On Tuesday 30 January you are welcome to join our 45 minute talks at Waacs Design & Consultancy.

About Fiona Festival
We are the creators of Fiona, the online tool for organising festivals. We are specialists in festival automation, working for more than 10 years with our partners IFFR, IDFA and NFF.
IFFR uses Fiona to organise all it's screenings, one-on-one meetings and Q&A's. Furthermore, Fiona is used to publish the programme and guest list to the website & catalogue.

Waacs Design & Consultancy
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