Illustration of a girl staring through binoculars above an article about the Fiona developers.

About us

We believe that technology can be your friend instead of your enemy.
That is why we design our digital products to be user-friendly and easy to use.
With the experience of many years of collaboration with great international Dutch Film Festivals, we have created Fiona.

We are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
If you are around, come say hi!
Digna van Nielen

Peter Goldman

Peter is co-founder of Fiona. He heads the design team and is responsible for marketing. Peter considers design, technology and marketing the trinity of success.
Digna van Nielen

Roland van Putten

Roland is co-founder and technical director of Fiona. He helps many film festivals as a technical consultant with a deep understanding of festival processes.
Digna van Nielen

Digna van Nielen

Digna is project manager at Fiona since the start of the company. She worked for various film festivals in the programme department. Digna is service oriented as well as a problem solver.